Linear and Rotary Labeling Systems,
Bottle and Label handling change parts, changeover parts, spare parts

Official distributor of P.E. LABELLERS labeling machines in North America, offers its customers the full range of automatic labeling machinery produced by P.E. LABELLERS:

Pressure Sensitive Rotary and Linear Labeling Systems
Cold Glue Rotary and Linear Labeling Systems
Roll-fed Rotary and Linear Labeling Systems
Hot Melt Rotary Labeling System (Cut & Stack)
Modular Labeling Technology for the above systems for a maximum flexibility - 100% Modular Labeling Systems.

Everything is available for speeds from 60 to 1,300 bpm

P.E. USA is also the official distributor of Packlab (Part of the PE Labellers Global Group) linear pressure sensitive labelers, for the North American territory. The wide range of Packlab pressure sensitive labeling machines include pressure sensitive units from 20 to 120 m/min, free-standing applicators for the side, top and bottom parts of the product, linear pressure sensitive labeling machines for all kinds of cylindrical and shaped containers of various sizes, from vials to kegs, along with jars and bottles. Front and back applications, wrap-around, top and down, non-stop and linerless applications, keg ribbon and ribbon removal machines, as well as Print & Apply systems for product traceability. All is all available for speeds from 25 to 300 B/M.

PE Labellers, SpA, and PE USA together over forty years of labeling experience. We understand labeling and have the ability to provide customized solutions for precision labeling.

Not only import...

Moreover, at the Cincinnati factory, bottle and labeling handling change parts are produced for each type of machinery available in bottling lines such as those for rinsing, filling, capping, labeling and others, of any brand as well as labeling machines for any labeling system, thanks to the investment of new machining centers for internal production of parts.