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PE Labellers Special applications - Tax stamps

Tax stamps

Rotaxa for cold glue tax stamps application.

Cold glue labeling technology for U or L tax stamp application, on Rotaxa models, runs through a vertical-posed labelling unit, driven by servomotor, and an independent smoothing station. Having this independent part in the labeler allows you to use them only if necessary. They maintain the possibility of using the labeling machine as a traditional labeler. This makes it very flexible for different needs. This labeler can achieve 32.000 bph. On this model, it is also possible to install a hot melt system for tax stamp application reinforcement.


Rotary twin carrousel cold glue labeling machine, suitable to apply “L” or “U” shaped tax stamp or safety seal. The first carrousel applies the labels; the tax stamp is applied on the transfer star-wheel, and the second carrousel wipes the seal by means of a mechanical clamping system.


Type of labelling: COLD GLUE for tax stamp, safety seals, excise stamp. Hot melt reinforcement available as optional.

Production speed: Up to 32.000 bph

Containers to be handled: Cylindrical and shaped (rectangular, oval and so on)

Labeling combination: COLD GLUE and PRESSURE SENSITIVE e.g. to apply body, back and neck labels.

PE Labellers Special applications - Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil

High speed foil application, P.E. LABELLERS has the know-how!

The most common aluminum foil application is on beer bottles, that means high production speeds. Considering the fragility of this material, which is usually about 11-15 µ thickness, the labeling station must be very precise to avoid pallets ripping the foil during extraction from the magazine. For P.E. LABELLERS, getting executive precision is the standard performance and the “know-how” in foil handling is already fully consolidated. Many labelers have already been supplied and installed in different countries, achieving production speeds over 30.000 bph.



PE Labellers Special applications - Big containers

Big containers


P.E. LABELLERS range includes labelling machines able to handle big containers, for cold glue, pressure sensitive, hot melt cut & stack and roll-fed, and Adhesleeve applications. Many labelers have been created to handle 3,4,5,8 and 10 lt. containers, and have been installed in many different countries and sectors such as: mineral water, edible oil, mineral oil and so on.

Even in pressure sensitive linear applications we are not afraid of OVERSIZED containers!


Our range includes linear labeling machines that can apply labels on big containers with pressure sensitive system. Some of our applications have been carried out in the following sectors:

- Food: labelling of full conical buckets from 5 kg to 10 kg containing mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and seasoning for the catering sector.

- Chemicals: labeling of empty conical buckets from 5 kg to 20 kg and labelling of rectangular kegs, full and empty, from 10L to 30L

- Water: labeling of one-way and returnable tanks from 5L to 19L with a tamper-evident L-shaped pressure sensitive label.

PE Labellers Special applications - Unsteady containers in pucks

Unsteady containers in pucks

Containers in “pucks”, P.E. LABELLERS has got the solution!

Personal-care products industry (shampoo, shower, cosmetics) is one of the most innovative ones concerning “packaging” design and, sometimes, it is very difficult to find a solution for certain kinds of problems. For machines manufacturers it is a real challenge. Some extremely unsteady containers must be conveyed through the packaging line in “pucks”. This could be a problem in labelling because the container to be labeled is hidden by the puck. P.E. LABELLERS has designed and produced pressure sensitive labeling machines with a puck lifting system on the carrousel, to raise the container during labeling operation. P.E. LABELLERS also designs the pucks for the different kind of containers to be labeled to get the best working efficiency.

PE Labellers Special applications - Outsert


A simple and reliable system to apply outserts on bottles in the field of the pharmaceutical industry.

The “Outsert” is the directions sheet added to the pharmaceutical products. P.E. LABELLERS has designed a HOT-MELT system to apply the Outsert on both cylindrical and shaped containers. A considerable labeling autonomy is provided by the use of an automatic feeding magazine, even in cases where there are particularly thick outserts.







PE Labellers Special applications - Thermal-shrinking


ADHESLEEVE is the answer!

The new materials available allow you to label the most particular container shapes without using Sleever technology, even getting excellent final outcomes.

The particular feature, that makes Adhesleeve even more versatile, is the possibility to make this machine a more than valid alternative to sleeve. It only takes a change to the kind of film. In fact, you only need to add a thermal-shrink tunnel after the labeler to get a thermal-shrunk package with the same quality of a standard sleeved one. The main advantage is that there is no need to buy a second machine when marketing requirements ask for it. The sleeve application is really expensive due to both the price of the machine and the cost for purchasing packaging materials. ADHESLEEVE allows you to get the same results by saving about 40% in terms of costs of label-sleeve and space: practically there is one machine less in the line.

So we can say that Adhesleeve is the most economical and ecological solution for roll-fed labeling. But there’s more! It is also the most flexible, immediate and cost-effective solution for the thermal-shrinking packaging.

PE Labellers Special applications - Ribbon labeler and Ribbon removal system for beer kegs

Ribbon labeler and Ribbon removal system for beer kegs

The special “Nastra” and “Denastra” machines are part of our range of labelers hines which are suitable to apply wrap-around linerless labels on beer kegs and also removing them from recovered kegs. The size of containers that can be handled ranges from Ø240 mm to Ø400 mm, for speeds up to 500 Pph.

NASTRA is a linerless pressure sensitive linear labelling machine to apply pre-glued wrap-around labels on cylindrical kegs. The application of the reel-fed polypropylene label with a few centimetres of adhesive reduces labeling costs on kegs. A 6 cm section of the label (out of a length of about 1.2 m) is pre-glued. Vacuum belt to transfer the label.


- Type: pressure sensitive linear labelling machine.

- Application: roll-fed pre-glued plastic label, maximum length 1,250 mm

- Only for kegs, maximum diameter 400 mm.

- Production speed 500 bph

DENASTRA is a linear machine to remove the pre-glued labels applied by the NASTRA linear labeling machine from the KEGS. The sophisticated system created by Packlab to remove old ribbons on kegs. The automatic system cuts, picks up and removes the old linerless label.


- Type: Machine to remove pre-glued labels.

- Only for cylindrical kegs, maximum diameter 400 mm.

- Production speed 250 bph


PE Labellers Special applications - Soft surfaces

Soft surfaces

Who said that containers whose surface is not perfectly rigid and regular are difficult to label? We provide linear labeling machines that can easily handle products such as small containers for the dairy sector, small bags used to contain food, but also PVC drip feeds for the pharmaceutical sector.




PE Labellers Special applications - Small sizes

Small sizes

XXS size? No problem.

We label lipsticks, nail varnishes, tubes, phials, small bottles, small jars and a number of other kinds of products with really “EXTRA SMALL” dimensions.




PE Labellers Special applications - Tamper-evident


Our labeling machines can be equipped with applicators for “tamper evident seal” or “sleeve seal” for product integrity preservation.





PE Labellers Special applications - Optical orientation by means of cameras

Optical orientation by means of cameras

The vision system is able to use up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Each one of them frames a 90° angle on the bottle. The acquisition of the images from the cameras is simultaneous on a container with no rotation on its axle. This device provides the reference shift degree (logotype, writing or other on the container) with regards to the required position (point of origin + offset). The system transmits this value to the axles control (via Ethernet) which, as a result of the brushless motor drive of the plate relevant to the sampled container, puts the container itself in the right position.

Even more...

Our linear labeling machines can be fitted with optical fibre systems or latest generation sensors to position cylindrical bottles up to 3,000 bph.