Labeling Machinery

P.E. Labellers involvement in North America started in 1985 thanks to the cooperation with a well-known local packaging distributor. Today, after about 30 years, P.E. USA manages over 500 P.E. labeling systems in the United States.


Independent Packaging Distributor... a strong partner for P.E. in the U.S.A. P.E. starts a profitable collaboration with a well-known manufacturer and distributor of packaging machines, specialized in labeling, located in Cincinnati (OHIO).


To support the overseas labeling machines sales, P.E. inaugurates P.E. USA, American site of the group, strategically located in Cincinnati, Ohio (United States). P.E. USA takes the place of the Independent Distributor; and production focus on labeling machines to enhance the presence of P.E. LABELLERS brand in the US.


Looking with confidence to the ever-growing importance of the North American market, P.E. USA purchased land and completed manufacturing a new 19,000 square foot facility. The new U.S. headquarters has been strengthened by an improved after-sales and customer service department. The new facility will features automatic machine tooling equipment allowing for domestic change spare parts production. Currently P.E. USA manages over 500 PE labelers in North America.


P.E. USA Inc. organized an "Open House" to celebrate the Grand Opening of its new manufacturing plant. The North American customers, suppliers, friends and family, and some colleagues from the Italian head office attended the event. The new facility replaces the one used since 1985 featuring offices, spare parts storage, machining centers for manufacturing bottle and label handling change parts suitable for the whole range of PE labeling machines, as well as additional space for future production of PE labeling production. All of it is to keep on meeting the North America and Puerto Rico's market requirements, in the best and fastest possible way.


PE USA is in the beginning states of establishing domestic production of PE Labeling Systems for the North American Market. We listen to our customer's, and work to meet and exceed their expectations.