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P.E. USA, Inc.
which is strategically located in Cincinnati, Ohio is a division of P.E. Labellers, SpA, Italy. P.E. USA is responsible for the North American Market and Puerto Rico. With involvement in North America since 1985. P.E. USA produces P.E. Labellers labeling systems, and manufactures Bottle & Label Handling Change Parts for P.E. Labellers, as well as, Change Parts for other packaging equipment within the packaging industry. In addition, P.E. USA supports the North America Market with a complete inventory of Spare Parts for P.E. Labellers, Technical Training Classes, and Factory Trained Field Technical Service for P.E. Labeling Systems.

is one of the main manufacturers of automatic labeling machines in the world. Technically experienced in this field since 1974. P.E. LABELLERS offers modular labelers with the machine body perfectly adjustable to connect interchangeable labeling stations, with or without trolley, giving total freedom to decide which labeling stations to install and when install them (before, during or after purchasing). For all labeling systems today available in the market, cold-glue, hot-melt, pressure sensitive, roll-fed (the new Adhesleeve Technology was introduced in 2009, the most economical and ecological solution for roll-fed labeling). Models for speed from 60 to 1.200 bpm. -

specializes in pressure sensitive labeling systems. They produce groups from 20 to 120 m/min, stands for special applications on one side and on the upper and lower part of the product, linear pressure sensitive labelers for all kinds of cylindrical and shaped containers of different sizes, from phials to kegs, passing through jars and bottles; front and rear applications, wrap-around, top-down, non-stop and linerless applications, keg ribbon and ribbon removal machines, as well as print-apply systems for product traceability. All that is available for speed from 800 to 24,000 bph (special application performance up to 48,000 bph), without specific equipment for different formats. -

P.E. Latina Labelers
thanks to the technology of P.E. LABELLERS S.p.A. - Italy, has become in a few years a leading Brazilian manufacturer of linear pressure sensitive labeling machines. Recently, they have also introduced the Roll-Fed technology and starting from 2012 P.E. Latina will be able to produce ROLL-LINE labeling machines, 100% made in Brazil. Regarding the labelers manufactured in Italy, P.E. Latina offers to its customers turn-key solutions, taking care of all aspects of international logistics, import and nationalization. Not to mention the fact that it also provides a full customer service for all P.E. LABELLERS' systems, covering all of Latin America. -

the new P.E. LABELLERS branch in Algeria, is dedicated exclusively to the Maghrebi market, where pressure sensitive semi-automatic as well as linear automatic machines are locally produced in order to better meet the needs of customers in the local market. Different versions of semi-automatic machines will be available to apply one label or both body and back labels; the machines are suitable for any kind of container or package and no additional costs are required to change label formats. -

is the official P.E. LABELLERS distributor in France for more than 25 years. A partner able to gain the customer's faith in the Italian technology used on P.E. labeling machines. Thanks to a high qualified staff OMME FRANCE is, today, a synonym for competence and quality in service. -

The recently opened Scotland office, called EVOLUTION, proposes itself to support and increase the made-in-Italy labeling machines sales in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Located in Guanghzou, China, the oriental P.E. LABELLERS office is the official distributor of made-in-Italy labellers for the Far East. The aim of this new branch office is providing all local customers timely and efficient sales and after-sales service. -